English Five important Rearrange for class six seven and eight

  1. a) She saw a box marked half a crown and considered that the box would be the most appropriate gift for him.
  2. b) The princess had a fixed allowance for pocket money and she was not permitted to exceed it.
  3. c) But her governess said, “No, you see the princess has not the money and so of course, she cannot buy the box.”
  4. d) Queen Victoria was taught economical habits by her governess when she was a little girl.
  5. e) Once at a market at Wales she spent all her money in buying a number of presents for relatives and friends.
  6. f) The people in shop wanted to enclose the box with the other articles.
  7. g) But alas! she had no money.
  8. h) As she was leaving, she remembered another cousin for whom she did not buy any present. 
Ans: d+b+e+h+a+g+f+c
  1. a) Suddenly there was slight trembling sound from below.
  2. b) The noise had been so faint that no one thought that the ship had been damaged.
  3. c) At that time, however she was not only the largest ship that had been ever built.
  4. d) She was carrying 1316 passengers and crew of 891.
  5. e) She was regarded as unsinkable for she had 16 water tight compartments.
  6. f) After the alarm had been given, the great ship turned sharply to avoid a collision.
  7. g) Four days after setting out, while the Titanic was sailing across the icy water of the north Atlantic, a huge iceberg was suddenly spotted by a look out.
  8. h) The great ship Titanic sailed for New York from Southampton on April 10, 1912.
Ans: h+d+c+e+g+f+a+b 3.a) The widow rushed from door to door for the mustard seed.
  1. b) Then Buddah told her that since death is a common affair every where, she should not grieve over her son’s death.
  2. c) He asked the widow to bring a handful of mustard seed from a house where death had not entered.
  3. d) One day a widow who had lost her son came to Buddah.
  4. e) The widow requested Buddah to restore her dead son to life.
  5. f) But she found no house where someone had not died.
  6. g) Buddah felt pity for the bereaved woman but could do nothing.
  7. h) Being disappointed, she came back to Buddah and told him about the result of her search. 
Ans: d+e+g+c+a+f+h+b
  1. a) The merchant sold him to a rich man in another country.
  2. b) To escape torture, one day he fled from his master’s house.
  3. c) Once there lived a young man named Androcles.
  4. d) Unfortunately, he was caught by a slave merchant.
  5. e) He took shelter in a cave.
  6. f) He used to inflict heavy torture on him.
  7. g) It was unbearable for him.
  8. h) The man was very rude and cruel.
Ans: c+d+a+h+f+g+b+e
  1. a) The official also expected some body that would be rich and aristocratic. They never imagined that this shabby man would be Einstein.
  2. b) The queen was highly amazed at his simplicity.
  3. c) They looked for him here and there for sometime. But unfortunately, they failed to find him out. So they went back to the queen and informed her that Einstein had not come by train.
  4. d) Einstein, the great scientist, was simple in his way of life.
  5. e) Einstein, however, walked the whole way with a suitcase in one hand and a violinin the other. When he reached the destination, the queen said to him, “I sent a car for you, Dr. Einstein”
  6. f) Once the queen of Belgium invited him to Brussels.
  7. g) He travelled to Brussels by train and got down at the station. But he could not think that many gorgeously dressed officials had come to receive him at the station.
  8. h) “I did not think that anybody would send a car for me,” replied the great scientist with a simple smile. “But I can assure you that I have greatly enjoyed the walk.”
Ans: d+f+g+a+c+e+h+b

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